Savil: the evolution of water

Founded in 1968, Savil is now a reality in constant growth and development, engaged in the research of materials, advanced technology solutions and innovative designs, always offering new products of excellent quality and satisfy even the most demanding requirements of the market.

We design products with originality and realize them only with top quality materials carefully controlled: Savil is able to control the quality at every stage of the production process.

Savil, in synergy with PPB - Polo Produttivo Bresciano - direct care every step of the production process: from the choice of top quality materials, mechanical machining and delicate operations of surface treatment. The chrome and other applied to the products are made in our galvanic plant, using the best equipment to ensure the long life of our products.

During assembly, the integration of human resources and advanced technologies is a guarantee of compliance with the higher quality standards. The integration and full automation of the logistic department allows to organize the goods warehouse and shipping department providing a fast and accurate service.

Savil stands out worldwide as a company dedicated to quality and innovation.

The italian market represents about 40% of the total turnover and export is all around the world.


Savil's commitment to research and attention to quality is constant and begins in the design phase with a strict monitoring of compliance with the high standards required, carried out through strict testing and inspection, both on prototypes and mass production.

Savil takes care of the environment is since 2005 when it promotes the energy saving mixer’s areators (8l/min).
1968 is a basic date, when Savil traditional headwork has been launched on the market: standard size but an unmatched strength that makes itself conspicuous and valued today.

Savil choose the best suppliers as partners for components procurement such as hoses, drains and showers.

Savil is proud to provide a MADE IN ITALY product.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Innovation and design

Savil always believe in technological innovation and quality care as basic characteristics of its products. In 1974 it was one of the first italian companies promoting the seal mixer, in 1980 it created the revolutionary three ceramics disks mixer.

Over the years it has expanded and completed the range, offering high quality products from the classic lines to the modern and design lines.

The innovation continues with the creation of vanguard products, thanks to our technical department and the cooperation with established and emerging designers.

A revolution has been the launch of Semplicemente... Flat and V-Tondo.
Reflection on the water as essence of life and purity, V-Tondo acts as an interface between the water and the man.
If the water is essential, V-Tondo is linear ...
If the water is pure, V-Tondo is simple ...
If the beauty of water is its transparency, the beauty of V-Tondo is the impact ...
And from this reflection comes its cylindrical tube, where the water outlet is hidden and blends in his own body.